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“Strictlyfitteds is plural, because one won’t do and two is not enough” – Strictly Fitteds

Founded in 2007, is your source for everything new and upcoming in the cap scene. Strictly Fitteds is based out of various locations from Honolulu, New York, L.A and Chicago. These guys are connoisseurs when it comes to fitteds. The website is blog formatted, so they don’t sell any caps, but always have links (when possible) on where to buy the newest, latest and rarest fitteds. They host an annual contest where prime retailers and brands always participate and give away tons of prizes to lucky winners.

And if you think you have a crazy fitted game, Strictly Fitteds encourages you to submit your picture with all your caps for a chance to have your collection posted on their site under the “Braggin’ Rights” section. The site prides itself on being more than just a blog with a listing of trends; they offer exclusive previews, editorials, interviews and photo galleries. If you haven’t checked them out yet, GO NOW!

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