LUX Nightclub was shut down recently…most likely for good.


I heard about this the day it happened, and completely forgot to post it during my craziness of a week last week. So excuse my late pass on this.

But LUX Nightclub was shut down earlier this month. With a court order on Friday April 1st, the club was adorned with a padlock on Saturday night before it could open for its Saturday Latin party. So the last official party at the club was the April 1st Show Magazine event by The 400.

Documents provided by the New Times show that the club was behind about $156,916.30 in outstanding rent payments.

As you know, South Beach clubs change names and owners like there’s no tomorrow. By the time a club gains momentum and has a little name recognition, it usually shuts down shortly after. That’s just how the business is I guess.

Props to the few that have made it strong through the years.

Source: Riptide

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