Couple site changes and, we’re still looking for bloggers

the3 Added a few links

Just thought I’d update ya’ll with a couple recent changes on As the site grows, we’re starting to focus on a wide variety of subjects. We’re definitely going to step into other realms of Miami and the entertainment side of things – including art, fashion, events and more. While still keeping it 305 of course. So here are a couple site changes we did recently.

1) Still looking for bloggers – We added two bloggers to the staff. CT, who has been posting every couple days on the site. And then we also have Rosie, who starts tomorrow. We’re also looking for two additional bloggers and have been for the past couple months. Its a paying position, but its hard finding the right candidates. So if interested, please send an email with resume, writing samples and etc to

2) Header Image – You might have noticed the updated header image at the top of the site. Every couple of days, we will be changing that to display a new image or theme for the day. Kinda like Google does on their homepage. Its gonna start off slow, but it’ll pick up eventually and have some real cool photos and designs featured.

3) Menu Bar Change – Added a couple different menu options and removed a couple for easier navigation of the more popular categories.

4) Advertising – As always, the site is supported by advertising. If you have a business or product that you would like to promote, we offer affordable advertising rates. Email for info.

5) Content focus and direction – Like I mentioned above, we’re going to start getting a little more dynamic with the content to give you a good well rounded view of Miami. We’ll continue to post like we usually do, just more types of content with a more refined direction.


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