TASTE TUESDAYS :: Casola’s Pizzeria & Sub Shop


Casolas Miami, FL

Casola’s Pizza & Sub Shop
2437 SW 17 AVE
Miami, FL 33145
(305) 858-0090

I’ve vouched for Casola’s Pizza for years. I’ve been going over there for like ten/eleven years now. A friend of mine used to live right next door to it and one day I was put on to it. Well, quite a few pounds later, and I’m still going.

No, but seriously, the “Best Pizza In Miami” debate is a debate that nobody will win. And the majors like Pizza Hut or Papa Johns are good, but their pizzas are too “manufactured”. Casola’s is a little more wholesome. And I say wholesome in a greasy slash heart-attack in the making kind of way. You know, but it definitely hits the spot every time.

Casola’s has a love or hate relationship with those that eat there, but they have their advantages over other pizza shops. One, they offer other things like subs, hot dogs, chicken wings and burgers. They also have quite honestly what may be the biggest single pizza slice known to mankind.

But the main thing that Casola’s offers is that after you order and while you wait, they treat you to free cheese pizza diced up in mini slices to keep your stomach busy while you wait for your order. Its an age old tradition that Casola’s has been known for. And something as simple as that, adds to the customer service factor. Plus, everybody loves free.

Overall. Great service, nice staff and ample parking in the back. Casola’s is the way to go.

Click below to see their full menu of pizzas, subs, burgers and more…


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