Saturday News Links :: Alonzo “SUPER HERO” Mourning, the iPhone 5, Ochocinco’s playin’ soccer, Trina’s mixtape and Rick Ross keeps signing new artists


I’m gonna start doing these News Links a little more often. Too much time passed since the last one. And I’ll change the photo every time versus using the same photo all the time. This one features Miss Paris in the latest issue of Urban Ink magazine. Either way, here’s what’s caught my attention in the news wires.

– Diamond princess Trina is releasing her new mixtape Diamonds Are Forever this Monday, which is hosted by DJ Holiday and DJ Ill Will. The tape features T-Pain, Michelle, Mya, Rick Ross and more. Stay tuned to The305 on Monday as you know it’ll be up here soon as its released. Click here for the cover. [MTVNews]

– Best post ever [Two In The Shirt]

– The Sony Ericsson Open kicked off earlier this week. And what better way to officially get it rolling than by having all the players and celebrity elite party their night away. Tons of photos. [WorldRedEye]

– The big homie Chris Bosh celebrated his 27th birthday last night at Philippe. Lebron and Wade, along with his wifey and a bunch of other friends, celebrate the big two-seven with Chris. [Bossip]

– Alonzo Mourning has officially been crowned with the ultimate “nice guy” status by helping a handicapped person on a wheelchair cross the street by SW 40th street and US-1 in Coral Gables. He literally stopped his car, got out and commanded traffic to stop. For whatever reason, I find this to be incredibly hilarious. But kudos to Zo for standing up for his fellow Miamians when they’re in need. [NBCMiami]

– Everybody’s favorite twitterer, Chad Ochocinco, is slated to start playing soccer now that the football season is over and seemingly in hiatus till the owners and the player’s union can kiss and make-up. Apparently he will be playing with a Kansas City minor league team and his first (and possibly only) game is on Monday. Everybody is criticizing Chad for making a mockery of himself and the NFL with this latest but man, just give the guy a break. He’s having fun. [NewsOne]

– The iPhone 5 is coming. And I think myself and tons of other sheep people will be first in line to buy it. [MaterialKillers]

– New pictures of miss Myammee. [CutieCentral]

– Random website plug. I’m addicted to OMG-Facts. And their co-founder slash video girl ain’t too bad looking either. Unfortunately for you, she’s engaged/married to the other co-founder of the site. Check them today and also read up on their story of how they started up, its quite interesting. They’re barely 22 years old and are making a killing with tons of highly visited sites. Very inspirational and they did it all in a relatively short amount of time. [OMG-Facts]

– Rick Ross signs Teedra Moses to Maybach Music Group and thus further continuing to battle Cash Money Records for the world record of signing the most artists within a 6 month span. Lol. Teedra used to signed to now defunct TVT Records, but now joins Rozay and the rest of the MMG empire. [ThisIsRNB]

– Flo-Rida enjoys himself some lollipops in Vegas. Yes, you read correctly. Lollipops. [ThatGrapeJuice]

Have a good weekend ya’ll.

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