Miami is the #1 most wireless savvy city nationwide


It should come as little or no surprise that Miamians are addicted to their crackberry’s, I mean Blackberrys, and iPhones. Everywhere you turn someone has their face glued to their smart phone, whether texting, or emailing, or even on a phone call. We see it everywhere. However, thanks to a new survey that was recently conducted, the people we see on their phones 24/7 are more than likely just trying to keep their small business afloat.

AT&T recently conducted a survey that put Miami at the #1 for being the most wireless savvy city is the U.S. The survey asked small business owners and employee’s to rank how important wireless connections were to their business. Things such as laptop, cell phones, messaging tools, and Wi-Fi were all taken into consideration when conducting the poll. AT&T said in a news release that wireless technology savvy markets were rated based on perceived importance of use of wireless technology, use of mobile applications, and percentage of employees using wireless to work away from the office.

Twelve city markets were considered for AT&T’s poll, Miami as mentioned earlier, ranked number one amongst all other cities. Small business owners in Miami rated the importance of their smart phones higher than eight out of the twelve cities, virtually 60% percent nationwide of business indicated smart phones play a key role in running their business. When asked how important cell phones were to small businesses, Miami surpassed all other markets by saying they couldn’t survive or be in business without wireless technology. Atlanta, San Diego and Dallas came in right below for the 2nd, 3rd, and fourth spot. Cleveland can’t seem to catch a break whenever Miami is around, coming in at last place.

Source: AT&T


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