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You gotta love the Miami blogosphere. Its full of so much character and vibrancy. Its also full of a lot of blogs that update for three months straight and then disappear into blog oblivion by never posting again. So you gotta definitely hand it to the people that put in hard work on a daily basis to keep their blogs looking fresh. And whether they’re focused more on politics or even cover a little more than just Miami…one things for certain…at heart, they all represent The 305 to the fullest.

Here’s our list of the top ten Miami based Blogs and Bloggers. No specific order of rank. Listed in Alphabetic order.

Top 10 Miami based Blogs and Bloggers by

Crossfade – Full disclosure, I contributed occasionally to Crossfade in the recent past so let’s get that bit of conflict of interest out of the way. However, Crossfade is long-running and is one of the only outlets left for Miami music and Miami related shows to get their chance to be heard and promoted. And with super conglomerate Village Voice pulling the strings – I’m sure the blog will be in place for a long time to come. The Miami music scene needs it. –

Cultist – Another Miami New Times and Village Voice creation. Aside from their relentless coverage of all the Housewife shows that keep popping up, this is one of the only Art & Culture blogs in the Miami area (of the few that exist) that stay on point and consistent. Note to anyone getting in the blogging game, this is a WIDE open market that nobody has capitalized on. If you’re looking into starting a blog, jump into the Arts & Culture scene and cover EVERYTHING – not just the upscale foo-foo stuff, but cover the urban stuff, the scandalous stuff and everything in between. Do that, and you’ll most definitely win. Otherwise, till then, you have Cultist. –

Destructoid – This video game blog site is technically based in San Fransisco per their contact section, but they still have a “786” are code office number which means they might still have that Miami office they used to be based out of (as of Summer 2010) intact. Its one of the biggest gaming sites out there and it all started in the three oh fizzle. You gotta love interesting gamer commentary mixed with humor. My go to place for unbiased and unfiltered reviews of gaming news. Even though I haven’t played a video game religiously since the Nintendo 64 and have no interest to……..we’re good. And so are they. – destructoid.comm

FinsNation – Though they’re more active during Football season, this is my all time favorite Dolphins blog. The combination of “I-Dont-Give-A-Eff” poker night sarcasm and photos of big breasted cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders – is really the formula for……dare I say it……#winning. True talent is such a hard thing to come by nowadays, but the blogger(s) of FinsNation really have it. –

ImFlashy – I remember ImFlashy when they started early on. They started a few months after opened up shop back in 2008. Well since then, they’ve really catapulted themselves to be trendsetters on keeping their content fresh and “hip” while emphasizing on quality and aesthetic appeal. They don’t really focus on Miami based stories and posts, but the heart of the site is definitely based in South Florida – word to Jahrue. I’m also hearing they’ve been making a couple power moves as of late. For fashion, music and overall dope shit, check them out. –

Inside The Sneaker Box – There are TONS of Sneaker blogs out there in the nation world of sneaker culture. But they all seem to regurgitate the same stuff without providing their own original content. Well, Clyde and crew not only provide good original articles and thought provoking posts on their blog, but their contribution to the sneaker game with their long list of Inside The Sneaker Box episodes is legendary. They really are innovative and the potential is there for them to really do big things with their site. Salutes! –

Soul Of Miami – You gotta love a site that consistently posts nothing but local Miami event flyers and press releases. It makes your life so much more easier. If you follow the blog on your Google Reader, there’s no way you won’t be able to find something to do in the Miami area on any given day of the week. And what I liked about them is that they post all kinds of events targeted for all types of demographics. So there’s definitely something for everyone. –

South Florida Daily Blog – Seemingly, the South Florida staple in the world of local blogs. Dubbed the central meeting point for many, SFDB is definitely one of my early morning reads when I wake up every day. I usually repost an occasional Political cartoon from time to time. And I most definitely read their Morning and Evening sift news round-ups. But the blog is definitely worth following. –

Sweat Records – The genuine and organic feel of Sweat Records’ business plan has always fascinated me. And their website is reflective of that as well. But the main thing that I always loved about their site, is their unconditional support for local music….and….their extensive BLOGROLL & LINKS that lists pretty much every relevant Miami based music and sorta music entity in the city. Much love to Sweat Records! –

Sweet Home Hialeah – This is probably the most recent blog I was put on to that’s on this list. But, its pure hilariousness. Hialeah gets that “red headed step child” treatment from all Dade County residents that don’t live there. My thing is, I hope they punished with all severity the person that decided to give Hialeah its own independent street and avenue structure when they originally founded the city. Why make shit complicated and rename all those streets while you have a big a diagonal main road that cuts through the county (Okeechobee Road) that will most likely reck havoc on said numbering system. I’m talking to you too Coral Gables. Anywho, </endrant>. Sweet Home Hialeah, check it out today. –


HONORABLE MENTION: A big rest in peace to these no defunct but forever classic Miami blogs:

CriticalMiami – which used to be my daily hangout when I needed to find out about local happenings and such. –

Stuck On The Palmetto – The name a alone made me go on their blog daily. It disbanded in 2007/2008, but one of the owners, Rick, opened up the South Florida Daily Blog. –


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