1979 – Photos Of Shoe Gallery in Downtown Miami


If this ain’t what you call classic, then I don’t know what it is.ร‚ย Here are three photos from the Florida State Archives that show The305’s official Sneaker Store of choice…Shoe Gallery, back when they first opened in 1979.

Back then, the store was located not too far from where it stands now – still in the Miami Dade Wolfson Campus area. The first two photos show the store front along a line of other stores next to the Hotel Miller (now demolished and is a student parking lot).

And then I found a couple aerial photos and by using a little bit of my Dominican cognitive skills (lol), I was able to narrow down and zoom in where the store was in the aerial. Follow the arrows on the right side of the photo.


And follow the homies at Shoe Gallery via @ShoeGallery

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