10 Tips To Save Gas & Money while prices keep going up


Gas prices have been sky rocketing more and more each week, and with no end in sight, we all have to do our part to save at the pump. Although buying a Hybrid or a new fuel-efficient car is probably the best way to save gas, not all of us have the luxury of buying new cars, and some of us need our car for work. With that being said here’s a list that can help you save on fuel in these tough times.

1. Follow The Speed Limit– Every five-mile’s over 60mph that you do is like paying an additional 10cents per gallon. Not to mention you put others life in danger when you’re speeding and you can get a hefty priced ticket.

2. Fill up those tires – Spending 50cents to fill up your tires can go along way. The less air your tires have the more work your forcing you car to do which in turn results in more fuel consumption

3. Just Cruise – Cruise control is your friend, especially on long trips cruise control can help you reduce fuel consumption. Edmunds.com tested out cars while driving in cruise control and found that it can improve gas mileage up to 14%.

4. Weight Reduction – Take that junk out of your trunk. Riding with excess weight that you don’t need is a sure way to increase fuel consumption. According to the EPA, every 100 pounds of unnecessary weight could reduce fuel consumption by up to 2 percent.

5. Find Shade – Parking under the sun for numerous hours can evaporate your gas straight from your tank. Find a nice shady area for your car to keep cool, this will also help you avoid cranking the a/c to the highest setting because your car is soldering hot.

6. Discount – Winn Dixie has currently partnered up with Shell gas stations to make sure you save at the pump. With every $50 purchase you make at Winn Dixie using their free membership card you save 5cents a gallon. Spend $150 your looking at a 15-cent savings per gallon and so on. Now that’s a deal!

7. Resources – Now a day’s there’s an app for about everything, even gas prices. GasBuddy, iGasUp, and FuelFinder are just a few that are available right now for the iPhone. Don’t have an app based phone don’t worry, you can find gas prices around your neighborhood online at MiamiGasPrices.com

8. Turn it off – Experts will tell you that if you plan to leave your car idle for 30 seconds or more TURN IT OFF! Leaving your car on while sitting perfectly still is not a good idea if you’re trying to save gas.

9. There is no magic lane – Yes Miami is infamous for it’s bad drivers and heavy traffic but swerving and switching lanes like a maniac is not going to help relieve traffic or your fuel consumption. Accelerating and Stopping frequently is probably the number one method that consumes the most gas. You want to avoid constantly applying your foot to the accelerator not to mention the toll your putting on your suspension by relentlessly stepping on the brakes.

10. Maintenance – Getting a tune up done regularly on your ride can have a huge impact on improving your gas mileage. From diagnosing the check engine light to an oil and a/c filter change all these thing are sure way to help you and your wallet out with these rising gas prices.


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