Lupe Fiasco Interview with

So, here’s the long awaited Lupe Fiasco interview we did last week. Lupe was definitely cool as shit and we had a good convo. And I wanted to try something different, so half of the interview was solely questions submitted by readers of

His album Lasers, drops next Tuesday March 8th, so support that! Below are some of the highlights from the interview and notes of what we covered.

– Loving Miami’s Graffiti and art scene
– Lasers dropping next week
– Getting a chance to relax after touring overseas the past few weeks
– Miami Music
– Billy Blue being his FAVORITE gangsta’ rapper
– Best Mistake He Ever made [user-submitted question]
– Favorite Sneaker [user-submitted question]
– Freestyling Off The Top [user-submitted question]
– Goals as an artist, then and now [user-submitted question]