If you want a seizure, here’s the new Kanye “All Of The Lights” video

Seriously though, Kanye can do no wrong. Yeah he needs to think before he speaks in public at times, but this dude is one of the greatest artists, rock stars, entertainers, celebrities of our generation. If not, “the” greatest. Directed by Hype Williams and uh, no, Fergie does not make an appearance in the clip. But the combination of black and white imagery in the beginning and the sporadic seizure inducing colors/typography, more than make up for it. And photography-wise, I like the usage of the police cars in the alley. Press play.

UPDATE: Seems ‘Ye and Hype got a little inspiration from the movie “Enter The Void” (click here and here). Its straight undeniable at this point. Whether it was a straight conniving bite, or if it was “homage”, well…you decide.

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