The Social Network dvd review, and yes, there’s a Miami connection


Andrew Garfield, who played Miami native Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network

I’m mad late on this, but a couple days ago, I finally got to watch The Social Network movie, which came out on DVD recently. Hell, it seems like yesterday that it was just released in theaters. And don’t worry, there’s not much to spoil since its loosely based off actual events. Oddly enough, the movie was exactly what I expected mixed with a little bit of court drama and legal adventures.

What’s weird is that I’m the same age as both Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Eduardo Saverin (played by Andrew Garfield, pictured above). So the whole time, I’m watching the movie and thinking at what of my life I was at in 2003, 2004, 2005, etc when the key parts of the movie take place. So it was one big mind f*ck, basically. But either way, Eduardo is of Brazilian decent and was actually raised in Miami – having attended Gulliver before heading up to Harvard where he met Mark.

The main topic of convo stemming from the movie for months is and was “what’s true and what’s not true.” And honestly, it doesn’t matter. As the picture should be looked at objectively. The movie is definitely inspirational to those entrepreneurs and young minded business folks out there. If anything, watching this movie really does point out that your life can change instantly with the creation (and/or possibly stealing) of a great idea. Facebook, known at first as “TheFaceBook”, started off in a college dorm room. To the same degree that many other success stories got their foundations from. Simple as that.

But on the other end, I also took from the movie that there really are different approaches to success. One thing that seemed to be stressed in the movie, as well as in real life, is the Mark Zuckerberg really and truly doesn’t care about the money. Yeah, he’s the youngest and richest self made BILLIONAIRE, but that’s not affecting him. It seems he’s perfectly content with just taking each day as it goes by. Yet, in the movie, you don’t really get to see that aspect much. But it really did get me thinking. Money isn’t really all its cracked up to be. I’ve had money and I’ve not had money – and having more of it sucks if you don’t have your mind right and your head straight. And again, the money can come and go. But at the end, its the small things that matter. And the very very very last scene with Mark at his laptop really puts that idea into much more of a perspective.

So all in all. A great thought provoking movie and more than worthy of all of the awards and accolades that its bound to get.


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