Rick Ross has a new girlfriend

Rick Ross has a new girlfriend, Elise Neal
Wow, a little unexpected. But man, Ross done came up. Elise Neal was spotted under Ross’ left arm in Los Angeles last night coming out of Mr. Chows. Elise was mighty fine back in the day, hell, she still is. You remember her in the Trick Daddy “I’m A Thug” video? I sure do. But as far as her and Ross, they’ve been spotted at various locations together over the last couple months, even attending the Soul Train Awards together. But there’s a bit of an age difference between the two. Elise is about 44/45 or so and Ross is about ten years younger. Elise likes ’em young I guess. Props to Ross. Scoring a hotter older lady officially makes you that much more of a Bawse!

Oh yeah, and good to see Rick Ross rocking that Shoe Gallery fitted out and about and around the country.