PHOTOS OF THE DAY – Where the f**k did that Piano come from?


Photo: Suzanne Beard

I’ve been hearing about this for a few days and finally got around to posting this. Apparently, earlier this month, someone abandoned a grand piano in the middle of a sand dune in Biscayne Bay around the NE 100th street area in the water. Sounds like a scene from the Hangover don’t it? Lol.

Well, amateur photographer Suzanne Beard heard about the piano through neighbors and so got her camera and took the above photo (with the pelicans) and submitted to National Geographic for a photo contest. The Miami Herald then took wind of the story and took their own photo (the one below Suzanne’s). Rumors are that it was part of a music video shoot of some kind, but people are really just wondering where the piano came from and maybe more importantly, who’s going to remove it? The WTF story of the month indeed.

Source: National Geographic / New Times


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