HONEY – Miami Heat Dancer Odaymis Q&A


Odaymis is most definitely one of everybody’s all-time favorite Heat dancers. Well, we thought we’d pull a photo of her with this here little questionaire to get you familiarized with her if you haven’t been already. Read below…

# Name: Odaymis
# Aside from dancing, my ideal job would be: Sports Broadcaster
# Birthday: November 17
# Complete this sentence “10 years ago I was …”: Dancing all day every day!
# Do you have any nicknames?: Ody
# During the off season I . . . : Travel & workout.
# Hometown: Miami, FL
# If you looked in my trunk you would find: HEAT Dancer posters, textbooks and shoes.
# If you were a superhero what would your super power be: Reading minds.
# In five years I see myself . . . : Traveling the world!
# My advice to young dancers: There is always room for improvement!
# My dance icon is: Sofiane Sylve
# My friends would say my best quality is: I love to laugh!
# Name something you would only do once in your lifetime: Hot Air Balloon Ride
# Occupation: Business Development Manager
# People would never believe that I accomplished . . . : A black belt in Tae Kwon Do
# Quote to live by: The most important things in life aren’t things.
# What are your hobbies?: Reading and working out.
# What book are you reading now?: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections
# What is your alma mater? (college): Florida International University
# What is your background/nationality?: Cuban
# What is your biggest pet peeve?: Liars
# What is your dream vacation?: Bora Bora
# What is your favorite food?: Sushi
# What is your favorite holiday?: Christmas
# What is your favorite movie?: P.S. I Love You
# What is your favorite song?: There are too many to list.
# What is your favorite type of music?: I love all types of music!
# What place would you like to visit?: Greece
# What’s your guilty pleasure?: Wine
# Who is your hero?: My Mom
# Why did you choose to be a Miami HEAT Dancer?: I knew it would be an amazing experience!
# An interesting fact no one really knows about me: I danced ballet for 14 years.
# Most memorable moment as a HEAT Dancer?: There are too many to list!
# One thing I can’t live without: My Blackberry
# Years on the Squad?: 3rd year


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