“Life Under the Macroscope” – guest blog post written by Jonny Walker of Super-International


The following guest blog post is written by Jonny Walker, owner of Super International, which is a Creative group located in South Florida that specializes in creating progressive content for artists, brands and companies.

I was contacted to do a guest blog on The305.com by Dro a couple of weeks ago, and I was really taken aback. Not because the offer was extended, but because Dro is well aware that on any given day, on Twitter or in a daily conversation, I am likely to say things that are, though the truth (by my calculations), very controversial by societal standards. When he said, “You can talk about any subject you like” I thought, “Dro, you are one brave soul.”

Thing is, there isn’t just one subject I want to talk about. There are a whole array of them I’d like to touch on – hence the title. What fuels my drive is bigger than one issue or subject. Its bits and pieces of everything under the sun that pushes me to do and be better.

On January 1st 2009, a young black man by the name of Oscar Grant was killed. He was murdered by security officers in Oakland, California. He was tied up and screaming such things as “Please don’t shoot me, I have a daughter.” Until this day, no one can find any justification for his death. And on top of that, it was all caught on tape in front of hundreds of on lookers. The murderer has received less than a year in jail. It was really my first direct wake up call. I didn’t just see Oscar there, I saw me and other young males there. It easily could have been any one us. It could easily still be any one of us at anytime.

Ironically enough it wasn’t until I purchased a camera did I start seeing the world a lot clearer. The camera in essence is just a box with a hole in it that captures light. What it sees is what you get. But even luckier for me is I picked up a camera around the time when professional cameras started to integrate with video technology which really turned my world upside down and right side up again. Through photography and video I was able to capture and see a lot of things people normally wouldn’t because the camera shows you everything raw, just as it is. I saw that there was a lot of responsibility being placed in my hands every time I hit the record button or camera shutter to start producing a project. I had to be more mindful of the people in front of it because their is a thin between making someone or something look great or look horrible. Easy to tell the truth or tell a lie. It helped sharpen my perspective a great deal.

Through that medium, A lot of progress was made with my company Super International. We’ve been able to do work with and help build a lot of brands and its been pretty amazing. From G.O.O.D Music, Maybach Music Group and Kodak, to Al dente clothing company, Sneaker Me Stupid and Ashley Outrageous. My partner Mandon Lovett (Pictured Above) and I have focused solely on bringing quality to whatever we touch. But first, it starts with maintaining quality and standards in our lives before anything else. From the way we view ourselves, to the food we eat, to the way we deal with each other and others, to how we plan and execute all of our endeavors – business and personal. The quality work we’ve been able to bring to the table isn’t just something we do, its something we live. So every move we make has to be about growing or maintaining it. Its the only way to win.

And Its not just about us, its about the people we surround ourselves with, invest our time into and believe in. My homie Ashley Outrageous has grown into a force in hip hop in just one year and is continually growing. Amazing to see first hand. Then the Al Dente crew are building a really dope clothing brand thats bringing a lot of fun back in to street wear. Omar over at One Two Media is next up with video production and doing a lot of great stuff with a new young rapper named Sin as well as many others. My brother from another Jon The Barber is about to make his mark as well in art with his company “Dope Quotes Inc.” And Ali over at SneakerMeStupid.com is bringing a lot of quality to the sneaker culture.

The rest of the decade is looking to be great and we only want to make it better. And well will. We wish everyone the best in all their endeavors. Holla at us. Lets win together. Expect to see us expand our brand into other mediums as well as outside of the country and live up to the name, Super International. Peace.


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