“Philly In Miami” – guest blog post written by Philly The Boss of Elite Society Models


The following guest blog post is written by Philly The Boss with Interscope Marketing and CEO of Elite Society Models.

When I agreed to do this blog it initially was supposed to be about the horrendous “modeling” scene in Miami. However, I feel as if I would be doing the readers a disservice if I just went in on models and didn’t speak about all the contributing factors of how I got into the business.

I moved to Miami in March of 2003, because at that time I wanted to get involved in a legit “hustle”. Prior to moving, I watched on tv of how “Diddy & J. Lo were seen leaving Opium” etc., so of course when that was the first spot put in my mind to attend. A week after arriving in Miami I found myself on South Beach attempting to check out what the big fuss was. I strolled up to Opium, got in line and homie (the doorman/promoter) asked me for $250, (of course I said “DAMN!”) but I paid it, went in and was amazed because Philly (nor any other place I lived in) ever offered a venue like Opium. As the night progressed, the natural born hustler in me started doing the math. I guessed that there were about 2,000 people in there and by my calculations, this club was likely clocking over a half million that night. If there was a promoter he left with no less than $100,000. IF he was as smart as I was.

Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend (which is also my birthday weekend). I made arrangements for VIP at Opium, and my Philly family and I ordered over 25 bottles of alcohol throughout the night. Diddy was in the building as was a few other great names and he made his way over to my table, introduced himself (as if he needed to) and I got to chop it up with him, telling him how I wanted to get into this club business and other plans. He listened to me and gave great advice (which to this day I still use) and as he left he said “See you later fam”. Me being the extra bold not giving a flying fuck guy that I am said, “Yo let me get your number because after all this gets started Imma need you on the bill”. An associate of his tried to slide me a business card which I declined. I told Diddy “Nah your number, I don’t talk to assistants.” Yeah, it was probably the Goose talking but honestly I didn’t talk to assistants at that time. Diddy called me “bold” & “A true Philly n*gga” and gave me his number, which I called while he stood there and had him lock my number into his phone. The next day he text me and invited me to a Pool/Jet ski party on Star Island where we chopped it up more about business. The models in attendance began to ask me what I do and one model in particular told me when I got my parties going, she wanted to host.

My first event I ever did was in the Prive part of Opium, because a friend of mine Loki was a great promoter. I supplied a minimal amount of cash to his vision and he executed it. I invested $1000 and got a return of over $10,000. Lo definitely taught me alot, including these two things that every promoter should know. Number one, never give a club money out your pocket upfront if they aren’t major because they must know and feel that you’re doing them a favor. Number two, always create a fanbase of women – everyone has one but treat yours better and they will sing your praises and make you hot on this beach.

Of course the model I met at Diddy’s pool party hosted the event (just like she said she would). She brought her friends to my events and as time went on, I ended up becoming her manager. She landed in a few Bad Boy and other major videos, did some magazines and was hosting parties constantly. Because of this, other models asked who her manager was and she referred them to me. Enter the “Badland Beauty Models” era. Models with no buzz were making $500 apiece just to show up and look cute (no talking required), and club how they normally would do if they weren’t getting paid. They went from exclusively hosting my events to hosting Sobe Live, Mansion, & everywhere else off of the BRAND we created and my MARKETING style. Looking back, where I messed up with Badland (because we all make mistakes in a business we are new to and even experts in) was not structuring a team. In 2005, I became known as one of the hottest guys promoting, based off of me coming out of nowhere, but having celebrity events, models, a street team, and freestyle battles with Loki, called “Lyrical Boxing”. Due to my accomplishments, I was offered a position at Interscope Records. Once I left Miami in 2006, my models were less of a family, and every spot we had once monopolized were then booking cheaper knockoffs of what we started.

In 2010, now 2011, I see an accelerated verson of this. Models are whoring to make a name, accepting bottles only as compensation, or accepting $50, a line skip and “Oh we’ll help you with your branding by putting you on a flier.” First and foremost, NONE of these ladies should be called models. Secondly, there are very few models in Miami even close to being brand. How are you new to modeling and naked? How do you have a portfolio of many photographers and I still don’t know who the fuck you are really? (Hey, this is my guest blog I can cuss if I like.) Nowadays, chicks joining teams of whores and calling themselves models, whack ass promoters are booking these broads and calling them models, and pervert “guys with cameras” whose entire portfolios consist of models in baby oil and their ass to the camera are the norm. Really? You’re a model? When? I didn’t know that, what the fuck I was doing? My models are doing runway in NYC one day and hosting in Miami the next, so how can all these greased up whores call themselves models?

Example: How do you think Sidney Dean, a model I now manage, has suddenly become one of the hottest and in demand models in Miami? A.) Because not everyone has shot her. B.) She doesn’t feel the need to be on the scene every evening. C.) She remains mysterious, she’s not sucking off any and everyone for a pass to VIP, amongst other strategic things that I would be stupid to put in this blog. Just like modeling, the game IS NOT FREE!


For more info on Philly The Boss and Elite Society Models: www.elitesocietymodels.com

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