“MIAMI DUBSTEP” – guest blog post written by Pizzaboy of SMUT+BASS and Miami Dubstep


The following guest blog post is written by Pizzaboy, part of the Miami Dubstep collective and Vice President and Manager over at [SMUT+BASS], a salient underground bass label located in Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

2010 sparked quite the public interest in the style of music known as Dubstep. What started off as a dark and experimental sound over 10 years ago has evolved into an extremely versatile and exciting genre of electronic dance music. It shouldn’t be news to most of you that Miami was labeled “The City of Bass” in the mid-90’s, after a craze of electro-funk inspired Miami Bass music took the south by storm. Nowadays, it seems that history is repeating itself in the form of some much heavier rhythms. Enter Miami Dubstep.

Miami Dubstep is a downtown collective dedicated to Dubstep and party bass happenings in the Miami area. What began as a project between four collaborators at a few venues has grown over the years into a citywide movement consisting of multiple DJ crews and bass labels. Their persistence in pushing all aspects of bass music in the Miami music scene has paid off with the success of their monthly party at The Vagabond, GET LOW, as well as hundreds of other parties and events throughout the area featuring some of the world’s most notorious DJs and producers in Dubstep and Drum & Bass.

This past WMC, the Dubstep genre unexpectedly swept the nation and took over, one sound-system at a time. An underground following became a household name, and soon enough, all walks of life were skanking out on the dancefloor. Regardless of hype or criticism, Miami Dubstep has held its place as the go-to squad for your local bass fix, holding the scene down for both newcomers and old school heads.

BassHead Music. Triangle Earth. SMUT+BASS. Digital Felon. DOWN. Partnerz N’ Grime. and Proper Dosage – just to name some of the crews. If you’re not familiar with them, then you better wise up, because they have a lot in store for Miami this new year.

Note: Please check out the Dissolved LP Release Event at Bar Black Wednesday January 12th at Bar Black with live sets by Dave Betamax, Gooddroid, Grayghost, Magoula and Parcell. Click here for flyer.

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