“Bossing Up” – guest blog written by Norma of 2dopebitches.com


The following guest blog post is written by Norma M. She is a journalist, socialite, student and one of the founders over at 2dopebitches.com.”

In a day and age where women hold more prominent spots in government, businesses, and the media industry –  a new obstacle arises in the life of many young professional and dedicated women all across the world.

From Oprah to Martha Stewart and Nicki Minaj – women are making power moves but the hidden process of the struggle for respect is battled by women everyday.

This interesting footage (below) and insight from the viewpoint of Nicki Minaj gives a perspective into the music industry or business in general.

Miami in particular, we can be hit on on a daily basis by guys promising all kinds of rewards and rides to stardom – with models walking our streets everyday there’s a whole line of men who pride their game on taking advantage the flourishing need to be famous in our beautiful city. The industry also seems to flourish out of who you know versus your actual talent. Being a charismatic and outgoing female can be taken for weakness and flirtation. It’s very clear that the double standard is always hovering over women in all positions.

In my own experiences as a young Miami socialite/intern/starving journalist, I myself have encountered positions where I had to decide and decipher the line between business and pleasure. You want to work with me or work it on me? Thanks, but no thanks.

A drink to discuss possible business ventures? Or merely another guy trying to get into my pants promising things he could never deliver? It’s a tricky business – as women we have to keep a strong mental attitude towards our goals and be cautious not to let our sometimes caring and obvious nature lead us to beleave people are trying to help when in actually they want to just use us. I’m not trying to get all feminist on a brotha‘ – but you gotta admit – in between the monthly periods, child-birth, and making sure you don’t go run and cheat on me with some hood rat, I gotta make sure im respected by the people around me. AND I’ve gotta do it all while stayin ‘fancy’  Give me a break!

Keep strong ladies, put yourself first and the rest will follow.


More info on Norma: Apart from boss bitches and my slight feminist views – I love to talk about hot bitches, art, fashion, and whatever pops into my pretty little head. Head over to 2DOPEBITCHES.COM for some daily shit talking and a peek into the life of some pretty dope bitches.

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