“3 Tips for working in the Marketing and Promotions side of the music industry” – guest blog written by Johnny Coscia with Atlantic Records


The following guest blog post is written by Johnny “Promo” Coscia, Atlantic Records Promotion Manager who is based in South Florida. Johnny got his start at Y100 and X102.3 in West Palm Beach, and now is with Atlantic Records.

3 Tips for working in the Marketing and Promotions side of the music industry
Here are a couple general things that people always ask me about being in the radio/record industry. A couple things that go into being in the music/promo/marketing side of the business and for those who might want to consider being a part of it one day.

#1 – Coming Up, Being Versatile
Sometimes you need to wear many hats. Eventually, you’ll get to wear the style you like, but coming up, you have to wear a few hats that may not fit your personal appeal. My first job in radio was for an Adult Contemporary station and moved on to Country, Smooth Jazz and other formats before finally landing at Y100 in Miami & X102.3 in West Palm. A foot in the door is a foot in the door. Work hard and opportunities that fit your strengths will come along. That’s how I was lucky enough to land at Atlantic Records after years of radio promotion.

#2 – Connections, Follow Through & Consistency
People always say the cliché, “its who you know”. I agree, but knowing people can only get you so far. It’s who you know until you get there, then you actually need to know someTHING. It’s easy to talk a big game in “the business” and lots of people talk, especially now with social networks so easily accessible. If you promise something, make it happen! Then make it happen again…

#3 – Work Ethic & Staying Educated
It’s always better to be busy then to be bored, if you’re bored, you’re not doing it right. No one is going to hand you success. I love what I do, its stressful. but it’s a good stress with gratifying results. I’ve been doing promotion for a third of my life and I still consider myself a rookie. I learn new things everyday from people that have being doing this music and marketing thing for decades. Find a mentor and be a sponge.


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