2010 Breakout Artists Of The Year – Rich Kid Sound System


Rich Kid Sound System
2010 Breakout Artists Of The Year
Little is known about Rich Kid Sound System because truth be told they’ve only released a couple of songs. However, these two songs “A Little Bit Of Time” and “Get What You Give” have equally placed them in a class like no other. They’re not quite 100 percent hip-hop, yet not quick 100 percent rock. Their sound is like this harmonious mash-up of emceeing and punk with a dash of Top-40 appeal. Catchy hooks, killer melodies and a hip-hop tie around. When I say “Breakout Artists of The Year”, I more so mean that these guys came out of no where with a different sound and positioned themselves as THE group to watch for in 2011. Listen to their two tracks below…

Rich Kid Sound System – A Little Bit Of Time


Rich Kid Sound System – Get What You Give

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