2010 Artist Of The Year – Rick Ross


Rick Ross
2010 Artist Of The Year
You can hate him all you want, but 2010 belonged to Rick Ross. Nationally, locally, or whatever you want to see it as, Rick Ross dominated the hip-hop world. Controversy and certain stigmas have followed Ross since the beginning of his career, but that hasn’t stopped him from completely passing his competition in being able to stay relevant and keep coming back stronger and stronger every time another album is in the works for him. His team is bigger than ever. His marketing structure is bigger than ever. His tour money is bigger than ever. Rick Ross had and is currently on his Blowin’ Money Fast tour, which has gone international. A unique tour at that because he keeps going to and from the states it seems. And with an impressive lineup and production with his album Teflon Don, Rick Ross managed to sell records despite releasing most of the songs on the album for free way ahead of time….as well as upping that and releasing them for free again on his Albert Anastasia EP. And you know I have to mention him having endorsements with Nike, Sean John and a budding relationship with the always vibrant Diddy. But wait, there’s more. “BMF” was the record of the summer, the “I Think I’m Big Meech/Larry Hoover” lyrics were instant culture shocks and everybody muttered that line at some point in the year (c’mon, you know you did). Mix all of that with another critically acclaimed mixtape on Christmas Eve and like a music video and/or viral video on the net every three days – and Ross really is king. He’s representing Miami and lovin’ every minute of it, Rick Ross is our artist of the year.

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