2010 Unexpected Moment Of The Year – The Lil Wayne and Mayday pairing


Photo courtesy of Derick G

The Lil Wayne and Mayday pairing
2010 Unexpected Moment Of The Year
On paper, Lil Wayne & Mayday couldn’t be more opposite of one another. You have this straight-up character that is on top of the mainstream hip-hop world. Then you have a collective of Miami artists with underground roots that call themselves Mayday. So when Mayday started hinting at a couple appearances in a few Wayne videos off of Rebirth, a lot of us were taken by surprise. From the initial “On Fire”, to then appearing in “Get A Life” and “Da Da Da”, it was clear that Wayne had taken to like the Mayday folks. And when they were invited to perform at Wayne’s going away (and apparent Supper Bowl theme also) party at Dolce nightclub – the bond was solidified. While we’re not sure what this odd couple pairing led to, we hope it means that at the very least we hear an official Mayday and Lil Wayne collaboration record.

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