2010 Songwriter Of The Year – Anjuli Stars

Anjuli Stars
2010 Songwriter Of The Year
While I know there are a couple songwriters in the Miami game that are writing platinum records and singles and such. I had to give this one to an upcoming local artist just based on sheer talent. The first time a lot of people heard Anjuli was on Pitbull’s 2006 record “Raindrops”, which she wrote the hook and melodies to. And since then she’s been releasing various freestyles and song reworkings. Not only can she sing, and mighty well might I add, but she also raps. Her reworking of Damian Marley’s “Welcome To Jamrock” into a sultry story of pain and relationship demons called “Paper” is what put her on my radar. She then released a mixtape in September which continued to show her range as an artist and songwriter. Trust me, Anjuli will be something big very soon if she keeps going at this rate.