2010 Rookie Of The Year – Ya Boi Chad

Ya Boi Chad
2010 Rookie Of The Year
I’m not sure how long Chad has been out doing his thing in the music world, but 2010 is definitely the year that he emerged towards the forefront. He hails from Goulds, which is my side of Dade County and more or less in the area where I grew up. Down south in the area that’s not quite Cutler Ridge (Bay), yet not as south as Homestead. Chad is backed by Jam Squad Ent, which is the brainchild of Sam Sneak and crew, Rick Ross’ DJ. His mixtape, Live Band & A Mic, was definitely one of the best mixtapes of the year. It was really more like an album honestly. And his music videos that he released to support the mixtape were of quality and well put together. If Chad keeps going even with minimal effort, he’ll be here to stay. And its good to see somebody out of the southern side of the county get a little love in the forefront.