2010 Local Photographer Of The Year – MJ Flix

MJ Flix
2010 Local Photographer Of The Year
This category was really tough. One, because I’m a photographer myself and I am very critical when it comes to images. And two, a lot of photographers have made the transition to doing more videos than photo (me included). But one thing you can’t deny, is that when you think of ladies with “curves”…and I mean REAL curves – you think of MJ. Not only in Miami, but nationwide, his photos and his style of “dolled up” sharpened type glamour shots have had models flocking to him for shoots and guys begging him to release more of them at a more frequent pace. He also has a gift of discovering and working with tons of new bootays faces on a constant basis. His eye for bringing the best out of a female’s curves is uncanny. He’s had a great year and has landed a couple great print placements. Here’s to 2011 MJ. Keep serving the public with your photos of all those wonderful ladies you shoot.

More info: www.mjflix.com