2010 Local Hip-Hop Event Of The Year – The Rising

The Rising series
2010 Local Hip-Hop Event Of The Year
I have to give it up to the minds behind the monthly (or so) event The Rising. They created an outlet for not only themselves to have an outlet to express their art (and not just music), but a place to give local hip-hop artists and emerging artists nationwide a platform to perform in front of like minded individuals. The event has been going down at Transit Lounge in Brickell, and shows no signs of stopping going into 2011. They’re going on their fifth installment as of now, which means that they must be doing something right. I definitely want to commend the team over at The Rising for going against the grain and doing something to make noise and represent hip-hop like no other. Now, only if it could be become a weekly…….? Maybe it will be. One can only hope that the demand is there for this type of event to go down weekly in Miami. Its more than needed for the betterment of our local scene.