2010 Freestyle Of The Year – J. Nics – M.I. Gold


J. Nics – M.I. Gold (Freestyle)
2010 Freestyle Of The Year
Allright, here’s the issue. This freestyle was released on like the last week of 2009. So its technically not part of 2010. However, I had to break the rules on this one a little bit because I had this freestyle on hand throughout the year whenever I needed to show what J. Nics was capable of. Shit, I even had it to show other rappers that you don’t always need the same ole’ hip-hop beats that everyone else uses to do your freestyles. Try going the road not taken and choose a beat that nobody else is rockin’ like that. And I don’t know what beat “M.I. Gold” is done over, but its a fast paced, drum-n-bass type concoction that I couldn’t even begin to explain. But it worked and J. Nics ripped it. Listen to it below…

J. Nics – M.I. Gold (Freestyle)

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