2010 Cover Artwork Of The Year – ‘Andre Benjamin Is’ mixtape by DJ Ideal & Hometeam

‘Andre Benjamin Is’ mixtape by DJ Ideal & Hometeam
2010 Cover Artwork Of The Year
The Andre3000 related project, Andre Benjamin Is was definitely one of the top mixtapes of the year. Not much of the music on there was really exclusive, or even new. But I think a lot of real hip-hop and southern hip-hop fans don’t mind the occasional swarm of Andre 3000 during times when he’s not making music actively. Well, the project was a collaborative effort between Miami’s DJ Ideal and Miami’s Hometeam Recordings. They recruited the help of Brooklyn based the designer Yonis Kintero to create this water color type of portrait-cover that depicted Andre in a profile manner. The artwork is and was different then most things I’ve personally seen in the past. Plus the pastel colors are definitely a step towards left field as well. And I meant that in a good way. Take note artists…it doesn’t hurt to take risks with your artwork and graphics, it may help your product stand apart from everybody else’s.

To see the full artwork and download the mixtape: Click here