2010 Concert Of The Year – Hennessy Artistry Concert @ Ice Palace Studios


Photo courtesy of NecoleBitchie

Hennessy Artistry Concert @ Ice Palace Studios
2010 Concert Of The Year
Not many concerts can really leave an impression on you that you won’t forget. But well, Hennessy Artistry brought their festivities down to Miami and really put on a CLASSIC show. If you were a fan of hip-hop and R&B since the ’90s, then this is the show that you NEEDED to go to. I’m talking ’bout Q-Tip, Eve, The Roots, Kat Deluna (eh) and the  legendary Bobby Brown who made a surprise appearance. And mind you, The Roots band are playing backup for every single artist. I’m telling you the vibe of the show was amazing. The sound was great. The lights were great. The venue, Ice Palace Studios (aka the old Karu&Y) is an amazing venue and to see the way Hennessy used it to its full potential was amazing. Oh yeah, I forgot the best part. Free Hennessy drinks and cocktails ALL NIGHT. While it wasn’t a big packed arena, the feel of it was. Plus again, free alcohol all night.

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