2010 Catchiest Song Of The Year – Flo-Rida featuring David Guetto – Club Can’t Handle Me


Flo-Rida featuring David Guetto – Club Can’t Handle Me
2010 Catchiest Song Of The Year
Are you really surprised here? Flo-Rida is the king of singles and we know this. Things were buzzing that Flo linked up with international crossover producer David Guetta for a track. We didn’t know what to expect, yet we kinda did. The result? A very poppy dance track along the lines of the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling”. The song was originally pushed on the Step It Up 3D soundtrack, but was also to be featured on Flo’s fall album Only One Flo.  I think Flo should definitely stick to this pop formula and just start making lots of songs with pop artists and completely abandon any hip-hop collabs. While its cool to do a record with Lil Wayne and such, stick to what works. And songs like “Club Can’t Handle Me” definitely work for Flo. Listen to the track below…

Flo-Rida featuring David Guetta – Club Can’t Handle Me
Produced by David Guetta

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