2010 Best Beat Of The Year – Boi-1da’s production on Drake’s “Over”

Boi-1da’s production on Drake’s “Over”
2010 Best Beat Of The Year
Toronto’s Boi-1da, along with Al Khaaliq, provided what I think was 2010’s best beat overall. Not only musically, but just the reaction that it received once it was released. The song itself got a great reception as everyone was waiting for Drake’s first official single off his debut album Thank Me Later. And this was it. So naturally combine that hype factor with the fact that the beat was incredible – and you have yourself a classic instrumental. So much so that EVERYONE that considered themselves a rapper, decided to record something on top of it. And I really do mean EVERYONE. It was only a matter of a few hours before the first couple of freestyles started popping up. And within a couple weeks, hundreds were out there. The classical violins, marching drums, trombones and still keeping a hip-hop basis is what really made this beat epic. And if you haven’t noticed by some of my other “Best of” selections, I respect people and artists who go left field and go outside the norm. And a no-drum hook sequence mixed with a staggered loop for the verses was as nontraditional as Drake’s choice of lyrics. Risky and in my opinion genius on everybody’s part. Listen to it below…

Drake – Over (Instrumental)
Produced by Boi-1da & Al Khaaliq