2010 Story Of The Year – Ghostwridah with “Red Bottoms” and beyond


Ghostwridah with “Red Bottoms” and beyond
2010 Story Of The Year
I’ve mentioned it a few times throughout the years, but Ghostwridah has been one of those artists that I’ve personally had the chance to see his growth through the years. And I definitely feel fortunate to have been able to witness that and even collaborate with him on many photoshoots and projects. I’m talking for about the last 6 years or so I’ve seen him start early on and become what he has become now. And 2010 was definitely Ghost’s breakout year. It started with one song. “Red Bottoms”. A nontraditional track that when you hear the beat and the chorus, its amazing that Ghostwridah was even able to take it the direction he did take it. The track was released on or around Valentines Day with an apparent blessing from the track’s producer, Don Cannon. Well, apparently there was some kind of miscommunication via a middleman and Don was fuming mad that his beat was used without authorization. Long story short, Don and Ghost got on the asap to clear things up and even though the beat was sold to someone else, Ghost eventually landed it and was given clear access to the song and beat. That then spawned a great working relationship between the two. Not only that, but it really kicked off Ghostwridah’s career into overdrive. Working with the likes of Dr. Dre and Timbaland shortly after “Red Bottoms” released, Ghost also officially signed a deal with The Hiram Group and Poe Boy Records. So to see Ghost’s growth over the years and then see the success he was able to obtain in 2010, is definitely rewarding. I’m sure 2011 will bring nothing but things for Ghost and crew.

To see Don Canon break down the “Red Bottoms” story: click here

To hear Ghostwridah’s “Red Bottoms”: click here

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