2010 Most Controversial Post of the Year – 103.5 The Beat Getting Cancelled


103.5 The Beat Getting Canceled
2010 Most Controversial Post of the Year
It happened in mid-May, yet it almost feels like it happened yesterday. A lot of South Florida radio listeners were upset at Clear Channel’s canceling or “format changing” of 103.5 The Beat. The troubled radio station that has been filling up Miami’s radio airwaves with hip-hop and r&b since 2003 or so. Soon as it happened, we wrote a little article regarding the situation and the comments from angry listeners just KEPT pouring in. 233 comments in fact. Not only that, but when listeners found out the station was replaced with an all-spanish format, things became even more heated. A bit racial even. Its crazy to see how passionate people get over terrestrial radio. Then again, 103.5 The Beat, while not up there with 99 Jamz or Power 96 ratings wise, seemed more of a genuine type of station…not sure why. And all that is despite it being owned by mega monopolizing conglomerate Clear Channel. Almost 7 months later, and the station is still being missed. Its hard to let go.

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