2010 Lyricist Of The Year – Jigg, QuESt and Jaheil (three-way tie)


Jigg, QuESt and Jaheil (three-way tie)
2010 Lyricist Of The Year
You know, I already predict I’m gonna get A LOT of hate for this one. I can feel it. But I couldn’t make up my mind on who to pick so fuck it, I gave the “Lyricist Of The Year” title to three people who all deserve it honestly. These three young guys are unique in their own ways and have so much potential to take their witty and well-written words to the sky and beyond. I’ll do each of these guys justice and tell you why I picked them:

Jigg – We named him Rookie Of The Year for 2009, and we’ve been more than pleased with the assault of multiple freestyles that he’s dropped in ’09. Every beat he chooses to freestyle to – he destroys. Plain and simple. High Grade will definitely be the true testament of how far Jigg will go in the game. We’re waiting for it.

QuESt – How can you not respect a guy that is fresh from his teenage years and openly makes the claim that he in no way proclaims to be the best and in fact knows very well that he’s still learning and growing as an emcee and a lyricist. Well, QuESt most definitely has a good start then because he is wayyyy ahead of the curve. His nasal flow is reminiscent to Reasonable Doubt Jay-Z, but I really do believe QuESt on a fast pace to doing great things. His wordplay and confidence in not needing to be confident (get it?) puts him ahead of the pack.

Jaheil – I’ll be honest when I say that I haven’t heard much from Jaheil except for what’s on his short ten-track tape Ten. BUTÒ€¦with the few freestyles that I’ve heard, I see the potential in him. He’s a beast. A little growth and maybe a little maturity in style & subject matter – and he can be one of the greats. Yeah, I said it.

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