2010 Biggest Fail Of The Year – Lebron James and his “Decision” TV special fiasco


Lebron James and his “Decision” TV special fiasco
2010 Biggest Fail Of The Year
Allright, we got Lebron James on the Miami Heat. That’s grounds for being the ultimate #win of the year. Great. But its what lead up to us getting Lebron that definitely holds the title for “biggest fail of the year”. This fail is two fold.

One, who in their right mind would make an hour long TV special out of announcing what NBA team you’re going to sign with for the next five or so years of your life. Whoever told Lebron that it was a good idea to do so – well, I hope they’ve been fired because that was the worst PR move and disrespect to your hometown and hometown team of Akron slash Cleveland. He should have done it with grace behind closed doors. But nah, he chose to air out his decision (which still is and was the right one, lol) in front of millions of viewers on primetime TV. Bad move Lebron.

Then second. Great, he chose his team. He chose us. But good lord, if you’re gonna make your first public statement about the team you pick, atleast represent the city right. Homie got on TV and uttered the all too famous words “I’m takin’ my talents to South Beach”. Miami ain’t South Beach Lebron. That wasn’t a good look Lebron. That was actually very disrespectful Lebron. So shame on your PR squad and your team for not briefing you correctly on how to appeal to the locals.

That is all. Otherwise, the Miami Heat are the best team ever. And we’ll hopefully take that championship this year!

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