Ways you can support The305.com and keep the site going strong

The305.com is doing great and better than ever. And as the year closes, I definitely want to let all of the site’s  supporters know that I appreciate you coming here on the daily. But I occasionally have to do one of these type of “announcement” posts to let you know that we need any help you can throw our way. And there’s tons of ways you can help out and keep the site alive and going strong. Here are a couple:

1) Word Of Mouth – Its free. And it goes a long way. Tell your friends, brothers, sisters, co-workers, facebook friends about The305.com. We’re not the traditional news outlet, but I think we do a good job at representing Miami in a dynamic way while still keeping a hip-hop influence. Spread the word. The more people that come on The305.com, the better the content will get.

2) Advertising – The305.com does offer affordable advertising and marketing solutions. Not only can you give yourself and your business extra brand exposure, but you can also help The305.com stay alive as we solely rely on advertising to keep the website functional.

We have about four ad spots (1 on top, 2 on the right column, and 1 on the left column). They start at about $15 a day and if you purchase that spot, you will be the only advertiser seen on that spot for the amount of time you purchase it for. And when you see the breakdown of the pageviews and CPMs, you’ll definitely see that the prices are unheard of compared to other online outlets. And I can give you great deals. Email me at miamihiphop@gmail.com for details.

3) Photo & Video Services – Most of you should know by now that my main hustle is being a photographer. So if you or anybody you know is in need of a photographer (or videographer), I might be able to help you out. I specialize in photoshoots and events. Look me up: www.drophotography.com or email me miamihiphop@gmail.com for details.

But overall, definitely want to wish everybody a happy upcoming New Year celebration. Much success in the new year and thanks for all the support.

Stay tuned for:

This Is Dade 6, dropping next week (hopefully)
2nd Annual Best Of The 305 Shortlist on December 31, 2010
Guest Blogger Week on the first week of January
305honeys.com coming in January
New weekly segments launching soon
Tons more video interviews
More “upcoming* local artist posts (which I admit I’ve slowed down on)
And a little more focus on local Miami businesses that are doing their thing


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