Jim Jonsin and Cash Money finally settle their differences

Apparently, Jim Jonsin and Cash Money have ironed out their differences. Jim revealed to the New Times that they’re working on a payment structure of some sort to make things right. Jim also gets into a couple of other things. Read a couple excerpts below…

You were embroiled in a dispute with Lil Wayne’s camp over the royalties for “Lollipop.” How were you able to come to terms, and were you able to collect the full $500,000 you sought?
The song’s [royalties] are probably more than that, by now. We worked out an arrangement. They’re giving me some money now, and will pay the balance in the first or second quarter next year. I never had an issue with Wayne, he and I were cool. It’s just there was some confusion owing to [clearance issues with] a sample from another song I made for him [“I Feel Like Dying”]. There’s never been hard feelings between me and him.

What’s your favorite hit song you’ve ever produced?
Trick Daddy’s, “Let’s Go.” To flip an Ozzy [Osbourne] record, “Crazy Train”… that was one of my favorite rock songs. I knew it would do well, although nobody around me thought it would. I also like the Nelly record, “Just a Dream,” I love the melody and the concept. I was glad to help Nelly come back so strongly.

You’ve worked closely with T.I. What do you think of his current situation? It seemed like he had a lot of public sympathy before his recent probation violation, but now people seem to just think he blew it.
The public’s gonna say what they want. But he’s a great man, as a role model and as a human being. People are hypocrites; people smoke pot…But I don’t even think he did it. I think the people riding with him were doing it. If you’re driving and you get caught [with drugs in the car], you’re screwed. You’re can’t pay attention to every last thing and every last person around you — you’d need airport-style screening. It sucks that he messed up, and it’s nobody’s fault but his own, but at the end of the day shit like this happens. But I think T.I.’s a standup guy. He and his wife can take care of my kids any time.

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