Five Reasons why Wale signing with Maybach Music would be a good move for him and for us


Its not pronounced as ‘whale”. Nor as ‘wolly’. Its “Wall-Lay”.

Wale was part of the new school of rappers to emerge within the last couple years. And even though Wale had one of the biggest superstars out now on his official single (Lady Gaga on “Chillin”), the album failed to meet expectations. My take, he took too long to release it. But either way, its a new year and according to Wale, that means its time for a new deal. Wale’s twitter account has been pumpin’ out them @rickyrozay tweets like there’s no tomorrow. So all signs are pointing that Wale may have freshly signed a deal with the homie Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group.

Well, even though its borderline confirmed, we thought that this would be a good time to ponder why Wale signing with Rozay would be a good move. There’s a couple good reasons why it would be. Hell, we came up with five.

Here are five reasons why Wale signing with Maybach Music would be a good move for him and for us
~ by Dro

5. Him and Ross are crazy sneaker heads. And finally, Ross could have a camp-out buddy/partner to keep him company while he waits in line on the night before when the Air Yeezy 2’s come out next year. Khaled’s always busy. And the rest of the crew aren’t avid sneakerheads it seems. So Wale is the perfect fit. Hell, they might buddy up and wait in line for the Cool Greys that come out next week. Stay warm fellas! Miami nights have been getting cold as of late.

4. I mean its cool to have people like Jay-Z and Diddy invite you to their house for Thanksgiving and all. And having them on speed dial is cool I guess. But fuck that, that ain’t hip-hop. That ain’t hood. Ross needs to participate in more mentoring programs and keep these young cats on his radar. Ross needs to befriend the youngin’s like Wiz Khalifa (he already has) and Wale to keep him level headed and keep his street cred on a hundred thousand trillion. Ross was once that hungry upcoming cat, so he needs these younger guys under his wing to show the light to and to remind him every so often that he was once in their shoes.

3. Wale could be the best thing to happen to the UM of Miami football program since Uncle Luke in the 80’s. Wale has definitely voiced his admiration for the University Of Miami in the past and having him as #TeamMaybach can only be good news for Miami and UM. Hell, they might even give him an honorary coaching or advisory position. Maybe not. Atleast a complimentary pair of season tickets. Yeah.

2. Since Wale is cool with Cool & Dre. Maybe that’ll make Rick Ross and Cool & Dre finally get back in the studio and record some hit records together like the good ole’ days. Its been a while since Ross and them North Miami boys really got it in. There needs to be at least 4-5 Cool & Dre produced songs on Ross’ next album. And that’s mandatory. And I think Wale is the man to make that into reality.

1. And finally, ever since Kid Cudi banned me for liberating that picture of him in a skirt and Jordans (relax, I know its a kilt). I think that having Cudi’s mortal enemy in the 305 is a good power move for us. I’m sure he’ll have our back the next time Cudi is in town looking for us to get his revenge. We chillin’ though.

— Catch WALE performing live at LIV Nightclub this Wednesday December 15th. 4441 Collins Avenue; Miami Beach, FL 33140-3227. (305) 674-4680.


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