Top Nine Reasons Rick Ross shoulda’ got a Grammy nomination


Real talk. I know I’m biased as sh*t because this whole thing I do. But Rick Ross should have gotten nominated for something at the upcoming 2011 Grammy Awards. He got snubbed like muh’fuggah. I know the competition was heavy, but damn, where’s the love? The album of the year category may be very debatable to most, but “Rap Song Of The Year” should have at least brought a quick nod to Ricky. Here’s my top nine reasons why Rick Ross should have at least been nominated for a Grammy this year. If you’re wondering why its “Top 9″ and not “Top 10″ – well, I honestly, just couldn’t think of a tenth reason. And also, I didn’t do much research for any these, so a big “STFU” to anybody that tries to correct me in the comments. Lol. Read below…

Top Nine Reasons Rick Ross shoulda’ got a Grammy nomination
~by Dro

9. Any artist who has an on-staff video director to help him release 53 or so music videos in a span of 4 months in 2010 and 67 music videos in all of 2009  – deserves some kinda’ big ups from the suits at the Grammy committee.  Spiff whattup! (Sidenote: number calculations may or may not be exaggerated)

8. Fat Joe paved the way for overweight emcees to roam around in music videos without their shirt on. Rick Ross took that philosophy and ran with it. Equality for all. F**k skinny people. Word to’s photoshopping skills.

7. He gave Stacey Dash her second 15 minutes of fame via one of his videos. She has since lost it again, but that’s not the point. #bawse

6. The video that crowned Ross as a Miami Heat season ticket holder was classic. You know, the one where he reacts to Lebron making his “decision”. Hilariousness on steroids if you ask me. But its good to see Rick Ross spending his money in the local economy by purchasing season tickets. Which thus pays all the workers at the American Airlines Arena who most likely download music illegally spend most of their paychecks on purchasing music legally and supporting the RIAA. Yeah. #boss

5. I swear, I know Rick Ross is on some straight Dade County trill gutter shit. But judging by his impeccable beat selection, I’m pretty sure he’s a fan of all that underground hip-hop shit. I can almost bet Rick Ross had an account over at the forums back in the day. And one time for bringing some shine to the very talented DJ Clark Kent.

4. Rick Ross is the complete opposite of Taylor Swift in every way possible. #TeamKanye #TeamDiversity

3. How the f**k does that Energizer bunny inspired “On To The Next One” get a Grammy nod? Really Swizz? Really? The f**k outta here.

2. For a good three months over the summer, everybody was thinking they were Big Meech and Larry Hoover. Not only that, but Ross re-released the same exact song a few days later and called it “M.C. Hammer”. C’mon, he’s not only great at what he does. But he’s frugal and keeps his album budgets low with gestures like these.

1. Any fellow overweight person who can ride in a small red scooter and still be gangsta’ enough to be able to keep his street cred deserves every kind of award possible. And what’s funny is that 50 Cent suddenly started “dating” Chelsea Handler right after Ross did that. So technically, Ricky not only bested 50 on the music side of things, but Ross done passed on his sloppy seconds to ole’ Curtis. #jefe


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