TASTE TUESDAYS :: Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt


Taste Tuesdays is mostly to feature the local food spots and delicacies in the city of Miami, but here and there I gotta feature one of the chains. Now, if you haven’t been to Wendy’s as of late, you’ll be surprised to know that they FINALLY upgraded their well, mediocre ass french fries. Wendy’s fries have always been kinda ehh.

Well, over the last few weeks, Wendy’s has been unveiling their new Natural-Cut fries with Sea Salt. I definitely gave in to temptation and holla’d at an order. And conclusion: kudos Wendy’s, kudos. A big upgrade from their very generic and unmemorable yellow fries of the past. These new fries are made out of Russett potatoes and topped with sea salt. Add them to a couple of nuggets and you’re set. Look for them at local South Florida Wendy’s locations.

There’s a coupon here to try them for free, but not sure if it works. Use at your own risk. Click here.

Source: BurgerBeast


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