Is the and all other hip-hop blogs pretty much property of the U.S. government now?


I’m sure by now you head of the government seizure of and, along with Not really familiar on RapGodfathers, but Onsmash and Dajaz1 were and are part of the New Music Cartel group of influential hip-hop bloggers that really provided the latest in music and etc.

However, what’s crazy is that Onsmash and DaJaz1 both would for the most part get their music related contentร‚ย  directly from the artists, labels and authorized representatives of the artists. And if anything was questionable, it would be removed immediately.

Its kinda crazy because it seems that the U.S. government just seized the domains without any legal fair warning or notification to at least gives those respective sites a chance to explain themselves and or show paperwork, email chains and etc. It seems that the U.S. government can and will take over any hip-hop (or music blog really) without any consideration of what the actual blog provides to the community and to its genre. While this music blog shit is all gray area and has been for years, I hope this seizure does FINALLY open some much needed dialog with the record labels, the blog industry and now, the U.S. government. At the very least, correspondence and “some” kind of opportunity for blogs in question to give their side of the story is the very least the government and the RIAA can do.

I hope and Splash with both soon return for the sake of hip-hop and music in general. I know Onsmash particularly really started pushing alot of our local Miami hip-hop artists on their site, which made me extremely happy. They supported Miami’s emerging talent and shit, just in general, they supported tons of upcoming talent nationwide and worldwide. While still supporting the majors as well.

#FreeOnSmash and #FreeSplash



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