Halie305 in XXL Magazine


In last month’s issue of XXL magazine. Scans via BlackJackSkanz. Below is a small excerpt from her interview…

How was it shooting the “Aston Martin Music” video? We hear it went down like a mini-movie.
That was chaotic—it was kids and police officers and cars and a lot of different locations. I had a throwback scene in the video, where Ross is supposed to be younger. I’m the neighborhood girl that Rick Ross wants to have when he gets older.

So are you the girl that a guy should have when he gets older?
Of course. I’m very catering to my man. I like to have fun, keep it spicy and new, cook and clean for you—I do it all.

Being half-Black and half-White, have you always embraced your curves?
As a child, I had to get adjusted to [my curves]. I used to have a big butt in elementary school. I went to an all-White school, so I used to cry every day to my mom, “Why is my butt so big, and why do those boys pick on me?” She had no answers for me.

What brought you to Miami?
I’ve been in Miami for, like, three years now. I came out here one year for spring break and never went back. I never knew this kind of stuff existed: staying up all night, partying and drinking, beaches, sun. I was like, “This is way better than Portland!”


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