Uncle Luke says: “Jay-Z is not a Devil Worshipper, he is my friend”

Uncle Luke is back at it again. Using his column on the Miami New Times to clarify, err, to opinionate once again. Luke wants to let you know that despite the controversial imagery that Jay-Z has been attached to in recent music videos, album artwork and photos – HE IS NOT A DEVIL WORSHIPER or part of the Illuminati. Here’s what Luke said:

All Jay-Z has done is work his ass off. Back in the day, he was on my pay-per-view program Luke’s Freakshow. At that time, he was hanging with Biggie Smalls and observing how the late rapper dealt with fame. He learned from other rappers’ mistakes, and that’s why he has lasted so long in the business.

Jay-Z is a loyal guy who is way ahead of the game — you don’t see him starting beef with other rappers or going to jail for stupid shit. But because he is so successful, and married to a very successful and famous woman (Beyoncé), people search for something screwed-up to say about him.

I don’t know any devil worshipers. And who knows, maybe Jay-Z and other rappers have some devil worshipers as fans. But that doesn’t mean entertainers are sacrificing virgins for Beelzebub. I didn’t even know who the Illuminati were until the Internet started buzzing that Jay-Z was one of them. It’s ridiculous. Jay-Z is a cool cat. He ain’t Hollywood. He is a regular guy. He is so fucking grounded. It is a shame people want to link him to this conspiracy.

i don’t know. How would Luke even know for sure. Unless…………..

Source: New Times

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