TASTE TUESDAYS :: Texas De Brazil – A buffet for semi-rich people


Don’t let the headline fool you, I love this place. And I’m sure most of you do too if you have been.

Texas De Brazil is definitely not a mom and pop establishment, but its also not a huge corporate giant….yet. Its not something you eat everyday, nor should, but if you haven’t been to Texas De Brazil – you really are missing out on life. An endless serving of various types of meat (including their signature churrasco), with your choice of plenty of accompanying sides – is basically heaven for anyone looking for an amazing meal. You put your green card up when you want more food. You flip your card over to the red side when you want the madness to stop. A little barbaric at the amount of food you are given access to, but its pretty simple and extremely enjoyable.

CONS: A little pricier than your typical “commercial” type establishment and/or steakhouse.

PROS: One price and that’s it – like I sarcastically mentioned above in the headline, a buffet for people with a little extra money in their pocket. But if you are a little strapped and want to still experience the goodness – you can go during lunch hours and take advantage of the wonderful experience at about half the price ($25)

LOCATIONS: Dolphin Mall, Miami Beach, Hallandale Beach, and Sunrise.

More info: www.texasdebrazil.com


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