Jay-Z’s book DECODED is in stores now

Jay-Z’s book Decoded is in stores now
I’ve been waiting quite a while for this book to come out. I remember when Jay was in talks to do a full out autobiography that never panned out. However, this is definitely the next best thing…or probably best for the time being. Those who are fans of his music will appreciate this book to the fullest as its the backstory, or the “context” as Jay put it yesterday, of various songs that he’s put out throughout his entire career. I think later in his life, an autobiography will definitely be in store and will definitely be needed. But for now, this works just fine. I’m literally grabbing my keys as I write this to drive to Barnes & Nobles and pick up my copy.I’ll definitely have my review of the book soon as I get done with it.

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PREVIOUSLY: Jay-Z launches Decoded in Miami


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