TASTE TUESDAYS :: Jamrock Jamaican Chinese Cuisine


I was craving some good Jamaican food a couple days ago. The only problem is that I live all the way in the southern side of the county and it seems all the good spots are up north in North Miami or Broward. While, I still haven’t found that one go-to spot down south, I did run into a cozy little restaurant called Jamrock that’s located in Kendall.

Overview: Its a mini-market slash afterrnoon hangout slash Chinese Jamaican restaurant. All the signature Jamaican dishes are served like Jerk Chicken/Pork, Curry Chicken/Goat, Oxtail, Stew Peas, Ackee and others. But they also have a couple signature dishes that include their Jerk Chicken Wrap, Jerk Chicken Pasta and Jerk Chicken Salad.

Top Pick: However, if you do get a chance to head to Jamrock, YOU HAVE TO try the Jerk Chicken Fried Rice. Its not even on their menu. Its something that you either know about or don’t. And now you know. They make it per your request and serve it fresh. A small pint that is more than enough to serve two to three people, is about $4 or so. It tastes like home made fried rice but with a Jerk Chicken twist. A must have.

Honorable Mention: Great in house Jamaican patties at low prices.

But overall, great selection of food with great prices and friendly service….scratch that…I mean INCREDIBLE service. Friendly and very appreciative of your business. Try them today.

Jamrock Jamaican Chinese Cuisine
12618 SW 88th Street
FL 33186-1867
(305) 598-7625

Tue-Thu 10:30am-8pm;
Fri-Sat 10:30am-9pm;
Sun 10am-3p


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