Local artist collective Friends with you team up with Pharrell for Paper Magazine cover


Local art collective Friends With You teams up with Shepard Fairey for a Paper magazine cover featuring producer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams. The November 2010 issue is the “art” issue and has Shepard Fairey playing the guest Editor role. Pharrell does an in-depth interview and even talks a little about Friends With You.

So let’s talk about [the artist duo] FriendsWithYou. What they’re doing here in the U.S., it’s a little bit like what Nigo has been doing in Japan. A little bit of the KAWS thing, too: art and T-shirts and toys. I love that it’s all upbeat, it’s pop-y and well-done and friendly. You’re sort of an official member of the collaboration now.
Yeah, we work together. I think that those guys are super-talented and I believe that they can be the next Disney.

I noticed that they designed the N.E.R.D. web page, and I know they’ve done some video stuff with you, but what kind of projects do you have on the horizon with them?
They have a bunch of stuff coming up. I kind of stay out of the way and let them do what they want to do. Mostly we just do commercial stuff together. FriendsWithYou comes in and they are the creatives. We are doing stuff for Gwen Stefani, for her line. They did the Pop-Tart commercials.

It seems like they’re doing a lot of whimsical things they want to do because they’re able to make money with their business. To have that freedom, that’s really ideal.
We can’t allow the pop and commercial worlds to go to shit. We have a responsibility as artists on many different levels to change the way people see the world.

Get the issue now at select newsstands. And read the rest of the article here.

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