A Taste Tuesday selection on a Thursday :: CheeseMe Mobile Grilled Cheese & Sliders


I usually do these on food spotlights on Tuesdays, but these guys just opened and I thought I’d give a new local business a quick shout out. Basically, they’re called CheeseMe, and they’re a mobile grilled cheese and sliders truck serving you all around the three-oh-fizzle.

Today was their grand opening day and they posted up at 3456 North Miami Ave in the Wynwood and Midtown area. For now, you need to follow their site or social network accounts to see their location for the day  as they could be anywhere in the city since they’re “mobile”. I think its a great concept and mighty tasty and convenient looking as well. I don’t know what it is, but a grilled cheese sandwich that somebody ELSE makes for you…seems to always taste better.

To find out more about CheeseMe and to see where their truck(s) will be at today, tomorrow or the day after, visit their website: www.cheeseme.com.


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