Miami Heat lose against the Boston Celtics

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics

So the Miami Heat lose their season opener against the Boston Celtics, 80-88. I watched most of the game but kinda tuned out during the third quarter out of frustration, then came back for the latter end of the fourth where they were up to within 3 points of tying the game. All in all, lots of mistakes and lots of seemingly “unfamiliarity” among the Heat squad. It seems they still haven’t gotten used to working together fluidly just yet. Its just game one of the season so we got lots of time to make up this loss. And at the end of the day, Boston is a great team. That’s undeniable.

Sidenote: That Adidas Derrick Rose commercial featuring the Chinese guy from The Hangover, is huh-larry-ous. That Chinese dude can pretty much do nothing and be hilarious at anything he does

Miami Heat

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